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Where To Watch It

Rose Hulse and James Carter-Johnson talk their favourite contents and where to watch.

They kick off talking about Period Drama, from Bridgerton to Outlander and The Gilden Age. But also, Colour Blind casting, “Miranda Hobbs” choice and what could have become of Greta Thunberg in a different time.

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Discounts Galore

Switching from Pay TV to App TV can be daunting. How much is it going to cost? Will I have access to all the content that I want?

Well, here at ScreenHits TV, we make that very easy for you. We first show you which premium streamers are FREE, so you can easily add them to your line up. We then show you how much you will be paying to add additional premium streaming services.

We provide our users with discounts when adding multiple services and these discounts can make all the difference in building your ideal TV Guide line up, so check back often to see our offers or sign up to be notified when new deals hit the market.


Get the best exclusive offers from the leading streamers and save up to 25% when you bundle.

Live TV

Some people think leaving Pay TV means they will be missing out on Live TV. Well at ScreenHits TV that is not the case. We have sifted through the thousands of channels out there and have added only the best in news, sports and entertainment.

With the ScreenHits TV Basic Subscription, you will get access to channels, such as BBC, ITV, UKTV, Channel 4, Motorvision, Bloomberg, Lionsgate, Euronews, A&E History Channel, and Kidoodle, with more premium channels being added regularly.

Child Protection

One Child Protection Pin Across All Your Streamers.
Keeping our kids safe on the internet these days is very important. At ScreenHits TV protecting children is our number one priority.

We have developed a very easy Child Pin that you can use across all your streaming platforms, preventing access to content above the age of 13+ for your children.

TV Friends

You no longer need to ask your friends what to watch.
With TV Friends you can easily share shows and films with friends and see what they are watching and liking without having to ask. Think of it as the Tinder of TV dating.

Casting with Fire TV

With the Fire TV companion app, you can search for all your favourite shows across all your streamers and when you find something you like, simply hit play from your phone and voila, it will appear on your TV like magic.

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